Este jueves 20 de octubre en el auditorio del ICPNA de Chiclayo, se llevará a cabo la presentación de “Arroz con leche para primavera”, libro del escritor Paul Rodríguez.

Los asistentes podrán disfrutar de una surtida programación que tiene como invitados a César Augusto Boyd Brenis, Nora Noelia Ugaz Montenegro y Raúl Guevara.

César Augusto Boyd Brenis
Nora Noelia Ugaz Montenegro, directora de la Escuela de Arte de la UNPRG
Raúl Guevara, docente de Literatura

Declamación e interpretación - Acompañamiento de Violín
Covers en Vivo
Dramatización por la Escuela de Arte de la UNPRG.

Fecha: jueves 20 octubre 2016
Hora: 7.30 p. m.
Lugar: Auditorio ICPNA de Chiclayo
Dirección: Manuel María Izaga n° 807
Ingreso libre

Preventa de libro en el Centro comercial 7 de Enero,  stand #41 (7 de Enero #1358)
Preventa: S/20

Organiza: ICPNA – Chiclayo y el Casa Creat

Correo electrónico:
Teléfono: 979513312
Evento en Fbk:

                                         Redactora Agenda CIX: Alexandra Gonzales



13/11/2016 6:16am

I think it shouldn't be like that, but it's okay. A very good post indeed.

17/12/2017 7:22pm

It is sad and disheartening that this isn't in English. I do know a little Espanol from my Spanish class back in high school. Some words, however, are very hard for me to understand or I am not very familiar with. I would have loved to read this book though. I will try to find a translated version of this for myself, but I recommend learning Espanol so that you can better understand what the author is trying to convey with his words.

16/12/2016 8:26am

I could not understand this blog because it is written in Spanish language. But one thing which I wanna share with you guys is that it is something related with presentation ofa book " Rice with milk for spring". So,If you are interested about it then go ahead and translate this whole article into your desired language through google.

04/01/2017 5:44am

Wow, finally I got this info. It's so important for me. Thank you!


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