Voluntariado ambiental vía Agenda CIX

Chiclayo Limpio, convoca a interesados en la conservación medioambiental a participar de una jornada-convocatoria de voluntariado, dirigido a jóvenes universitarios y estudiantes de formación secundaria.

Lugar: Explanada del Parque Infantil ( av. Salaverry y Villareal)
Fecha: sábado 29 de agosto
Hora: 10:00 a. m.

Organiza: Chiclayo Limpio Ahora sí 
Correo de contacto: chiclayolimpioahorasi@gmail.com

Evento en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/104404433247258/

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Redactora Agenda CIX: Karen Díaz



15/04/2017 06:55

Thank you so much for update us about the summer festival for the kids that would be really enjoyable and effective for the kids. Such events would improves the children lifestyle and can make them relax. Please keep update us about the latest event on social media websites.


It's great to hear about children taking part in activities that help them become more aware of the environment they are living in. It teaches them to be proactive and when they do, they can really help make the world a better place. I wonder what will happen if only every child learns how to take part in helping. Most of them can do this while playing. It's not really that hard to do. The parents and teachers just need to be good examples.


Amazing post, keep sharing more posts like this one.

07/11/2017 00:22

These festivals should be held for children.

08/12/2017 23:32


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