Examen para obtener una de las 300 medias becas que IPAE Escuela de Empresarios otorgará al mérito a personas que aman la tecnología y quieren seguir una carrera de alta calidad y demanda laboral. La media beca es para toda su carrera.

Dirigido a: personas interesadas en estudiar una Carrera técnico profesional en Desarrollo de Software en IPAE Escuela de Empresarios

Fecha: Miércoles 9 de Marzo
Hora:  7 p. m. 
Lugar: IPAE Escuela de Empresarios
Dirección:  Av. Santa Victoria 200, Urb. Santa Victoria, Chiclayo
Ingreso libre, previo registro en la web de IPAE www.ipae.edu.pe

Organiza: IPAE Escuela de Empresarios Sede Chiclayo
Contacto: lbaca@ipae.edu.pe / 074206549

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This blog is written in Spanish language and mostly people understand English. That’s why I wanna tell them about its theme which is related to merit scholarships. So interested students should pay attention towards this content because it can be helpful for them.


Our new generation possess a numerous talent and they have earned this talent through their study and knowledge, and made it as their skill.


As more schools go test discretionary, you may think about whether you have to sit for the SAT or ACT by any means. Schools that are test discretionary don't require state sanctioned test scores as a component of a complete application. Rather, you have the opportunity to choose for yourself if your scores precisely mirror your capacities and potential to exceed expectations in school.


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