La Alianza Francesa de Chiclayo busca bailarines de tango, aficionados o profesionales para la próxima "Noche de Tango" que se celebrará el 29 de mayo.

Inscripciones  vía:
Correo: afchiclayo.cultura@gmail.com / anneclaire.duportal@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alianzafrancesachiclayo
Fecha límite de inscripción: antes del 10 de mayo

Organiza: Alianza Francesa de Chiclayo

Corresponsal: Karen Díaz



Melissa Flores Montenegro
09/05/2015 5:11pm

13/09/2017 8:29am

Success for your website, definitely will be more populer.

07/10/2017 5:40am

Thank you for this lovely invitation! I am not into tango, but it will be a huge honor to learn this craft! When I was still in high school, we were taught how to dance tango, and I struggled a lot. I admit that I am not talented in terms of dancing and my feet are not getting along. But I want all of you to know that I tried my very best! I though Tango is going to be the ned of me, but I survived. With God's guidance, I am glad that I was able to pass the subject!


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